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Portlaoise ETNS B.O.M
Full Architectural Services
500 m


The project comprises a single storey two class Special Education Needs extension, linked directly to the existing school. The design features opposing mono pitch roof forms, with clerestory glazing, to allow high level light to penetrate classes.

The layout is carefully considered and links directly to the school’s general circulation, promoting inclusivity, which is key to the running of successful SEN departments. This quality project was delivered on time and to a tight budget, resulting in excellent value for the client.

Clerestory mono pitch roof form

Inclusivity is at the forefront of the ethos of Educate Together.

The design promotes this. The SEN Accommodation integrates with the main school circulation. The location of the SEN rooms allows them to function in a more controlled environment, should the needs of individual pupils require it, say for instance should a pupil have sensitivity to noise or visual stimulus. There is direct external access to the SEN accommodation from the secure play area, however most pupils will generally access the department via the general circulation.

View of General Activity Space
View of stimulating corridor
School Extension in the sun
View of Play Area