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Topflight HQ 
Interior Design 
200 m2

Topflight is a fully Irish-owned, family-run travel company and a market leader in providing quality holidays, for over 40 years. Over the past decade, they have fully embedded LEAN practices into their business, and this has allowed them to massively increase productivity. Demesne have partnered with them on their journey, as the business evolves, this latest fit out represents the third remodelling of their premises.

Collaborating closely with this innovative client, Demesne designed the new office with the hybrid working model at the forefront of its concept.

Prior to the global pandemic, Topflight were already strongly embracing technology, to enable them to efficiently operate several diverse working locations. They used this project as an opportunity to continue to evolve their work practices.  All working spaces are hotdesking, with audio visual collaborative areas which aid communication with overseas branches and with the remote working network.

Hybrid working creates the need for spaces which are an antidote to the isolation of remote working.

To ensure the success of hybrid working, it is important that people will want to take the journey into work. To incentivise commutes we designed a space staff want to spend time in. It is a space that will have important social functions to encourage staff connection and offer relief from the isolation of remote working.

The project was successfully completed on time & on budget in July 2021, amid the added challenges of the covid pandemic lockdown. The client is delighted with the end result and the company is adapting to the new way of working with enthusiasm.

“It was a pleasure to work with Demesne Architects on the challenge of creating a space to support a Lean, hybrid working model for our Ireland-based staff and a cultural hub for our over 150 overseas staff. As always, we’re delighted with the end result.”

Anthony Collins – CEO